Document Management

Construction documents are one of the most difficult types of documents to maintain.

Projects generate hundreds, if not thousands, of “documents” including correspondence, daily reports, photos, drawings, and computer files.  These records must be cataloged and stored for legal and archival purposes, but, more importantly, for daily use by a variety of team members.  All information, whether in paper or electronic form, can be indexed and stored so that it may be indexed, searched, and retrieved by authorized personnel.

We know that uniformly managing documents through all phases of a construction project is critical to its success.  Over the past 30 years, PACO Group has developed an established and proven document control process to log, maintain, and distribute project records and submittals as required.  We work to prepare reports and track projects from initial start-up through closeout so that project owners have an accurate and efficient way to monitor progress and evaluate any changes. It is imperative to have a complete set of documents to avoid claims and to further protect the owner. We have successfully performed document control on complex multi-contract structural, civil and environmental projects and consent decrees.