Florida International University School of Architecture

University Park, FL


Project Value: 
$15.5 million

Start & End Dates:
2000 – 2003

Gustavo Berenblum, RA
BEA International

PACO serves as the linchpin that keeps construction projects on track and ensures successful outcomes. Here we showcase projects that are either ongoing, or that have been executed efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

PACO Group, Inc. (PACO), provided scheduling and cost estimating services for the construction of various facilities for the School of Architecture at the Florida International University campus.

PACO’s involvement included preparing detailed cost estimates for educational facilities at different levels of project completion; conducting comparative cost analyses of different building systems to determine their cost effectiveness; conducting value engineering studies of selected projects; analyzing change-order requests presented by contractors; and assisting the board in the development of bidding strategies for upcoming projects. Services also include monitoring the contractor during the construction phase to ensure timely completion of the project, change order negotiation and approving progress payments.


01. Cost Estimating
02. CPM Scheduling