Amtrak Sawtooth Bridge Replacement (Gateway Program)

Kearny, NJ

PP# 2021-1123

Project Value:

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David A. Howell,
Senior Project Manager
Gannett Fleming
Transit & Rail Systems,
1010 Adams Ave., Audubon, PA 19403
Office: (610)783-3787

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PACO Group, as a sub consultant to Gannet Fleming, is providing Document Control services for the Sawtooth Bridge Project, consisting of the replacement of two bridges owned and operated by Amtrak as part of the Gateway Tunnel program.

The bridges located in the Meadowlands in Kearny, NJ are one of the major bottlenecks in the busiest section of the Northeast Corridor and their replacement will be a major infrastructure improvement to the region.

The age of the Sawtooth Bridges, their poor structural condition, and their two tracks (which restrict train speed to 60 miles per hour) limit the efficiency and reliability of rail operations throughout this segment of the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

The purpose of the Sawtooth Bridges Replacement Project is to achieve a state of good repair and to improve the reliability and resiliency of rail service along this critical segment of the NEC. PACO Group is responsible for the setup, execution, and management of the Document Control System and is part of the Portal Partners team delivering the Preliminary Engineering work for Amtrak.

The project is currently on time and on budget.


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