NJT-PM Superstorm Sandy Resilience & Recovery

Newark, NJ

PP# 2013-0594
Project Value: $144M
Start & End Dates:
2013 – 2018

Gary Matz, PE
Vice President, Project Director

Two Gateway Center
Suite 1203
Newark NJ 07102

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In October 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast of the United States, causing billions of dollars of damage. In New Jersey, the storm struck with high winds and torrential rains producing unprecedented severe weather conditions, including enormous storm surges and devastating flooding.

The storm and flooding caused significant damage to a large portion of NJ Transit’s transportation assets requiring repair, reconstruction and implementation of a resiliency program.

Funding is provided to NJ TRANSIT for costs related to preparing for Superstorm Sandy, to restore service as quickly as possible in the storm’s aftermath, and to make needed temporary and permanent repairs. The type of work funded within this grant includes clearing rights-of-way of debris, restoring catenary lines, and repairs to substations, power distribution system, tracks, and signals. Funding is also provided to make repairs at Newark Penn Station, Hoboken Terminal and Yard, and at the Hudson Bergen, Newark and River Line Light Rail Systems.
This grant also funds repairs to the Meadows Maintenance Facility, to damaged rail cars and locomotives, and at various rail stations and rail bridges that were damaged by Sandy.


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