NYCT-Engineering Services for Superstorm Sandy-Related Repair & Resiliency

New York, NY

PP# 2013-0570
Project Value: $15M

Start & End Dates:
2014 – 2019

Leslie Jenkins
Former Principal, Buildings
& Infrastructure

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PACO Group as a subconsultant to Jacobs, was awarded a contract to perform engineering services for repair and resiliency projects related to Superstorm Sandy.

Due to the relatively low elevations of the 148th St Yard with respect to the Harlem River, the yard seawall next to the riverfront was recently reconstructed to a higher elevation. The actual water level during Superstorm Sandy reached a reported elevation of 6 inches, just below the crest of the unfinished new walls which are designed for category 1 storm protection. Water entered the yard through gaps in the unfinished walls and damaged power cables, hand switches and duct banks.

To meet the requirements for category 2 storm protection, the project entails raising the recently completed flood walls and extending the flood protection walls for the yard. In addition, the project will also include protection of the tunnels from flooding by installing a protection barrier at the tunnel portal.


01. Construction Project Management & Inspection Services
02. Cost Estimating
03. CPM Scheduling
04. Mechanical Engineering
05. Environmental Engineering
06. Procurement Services
07. Specifications Development & Review
08. Project Management
09. Risk Assessment Services
10. Systems Engineering
11. Track & Signals Engineering