PANYNJ, Newark Liberty International Airport Redevelopment Program, Terminal A

Newark, NJ


Project Value:
$2.7 billion

Start & End Dates:
2016 – 2019

Owner Louis Trani, Program
Formerly with PANYNJ,
now with TYLin

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Reconstruction of Newark Liberty’s Terminal A was the first step in the Port Authority’s ongoing effort to modernize New York and New Jersey’s shared transportation network, providing passengers from around the world faster, safer, and more comfortable journeys.

Rehabilitation of Terminal A involved four integrated projects to fully modernize the wing: the new 33-gate terminal building, redesigned roadways with eight new bridges, 140 acres of airfield paving, and a new 2,700-car parking facility. The new interior of the terminal is designed to make use of natural lighting and open spaces to promote intuitive wayfinding and mitigate congestion without sacrificing security. Modernized security features provide a seamless transition into the gating area, which contains a robust retail plaza with landscape features, luxury spaces, and various dining and shopping experiences.

PACO provided an integrated, industry standard, best-practice solution to support the management and controls of Terminal A Redevelopment program. These solutions included development, implementation, configuration, integration, maintenance, software procurement, and training of all Terminal A Redevelopment users, and the operation of a computerized, collaborative government-compliant cloud-based project management platform for record keeping, reviewing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting of scope, cost, schedules, documents, drawings, BIM, quality and safety, reports, and other related performance of the Terminal A Redevelopment design and construction activities.


01. Schedule management
02. Document management
03. Cost management