Colombia Ministry of Transport Manizales Connection – INVIAS

The Colombian National Government’s Ministry of Transport is responsible for all plans, programs and projects for transportation, transit and infrastructure, in Columbia, and had recognized that over the past two decades it experienced serious cost overruns and schedule delays and its reputation and credibility were under public scrutiny.

In 2014, PACO Group was awarded a contract for the implementation of a “Configuration Management System for the Control of Changes to Projects”. The scope of work consisted of a structured process based on the principles of the Project Management Institute and/or the ISO 10007 Quality Management Process. The proposed solution required an examination of the Ministry’s existing internal project management processes and procedures and included, fundamental issues such as organizational roles and responsibilities, baseline management, cost management, change management and document management processes, among others. PACO Group was selected for this study as it had firsthand experience and knowledge of project management processes in the US. For a Pilot Project, the National Institute of Roads (INVIAS) was selected as they were already well into the process of awarding a contract.