PIMA County Wastewater Management Improvement Project

Tuscon, AZ


Project Value:

Start & End Dates:
2007 – 2008

Pima County Regional
Wastewater Reclamation
201 N. Stone, 5th Floor
Tuscon, AZ 85701

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PACO provided consulting services, project management training, and conducted a full audit of the agency-wide program and project management processes for this $250,000 capital improvement project.

The Pima County Wastewater Management Department (WMD) sought to improve and enhance the delivery of their capital projects in anticipation of their projected 15-year $3 billion CIP program. This project evaluated the existing WMD Program Management and Project Delivery processes and made recommendations to assist the Pima County Wastewater Management Department with identifying and implementing those improvements.

The City of Tucson Mayor and Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors initiated a multi-year study of water and wastewater infrastructure, supply, and planning issues. The goal of this effort was to assure a sustainable community water source given continuing pressures on water supply caused by population growth. The first two phases of the study focused on collecting basic facts related to the condition and capacity of water, wastewater, and reclaimed water infrastructure, and of available water supplies.

Phase 2 of the study culminated in a final report from the Oversight Committee and staff that set forth a new paradigm for planning for a sustainable water future and a set of common city/county goals and recommendations.


01. Project administration
02. Cost control