South Florida Water Management District Callin Services

South Florida


Project Value:

Start & End Dates:
1997 – 1998

South Florida Water
Management District (SFWMD)

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PACO provided various professional services for this massive environmental impact study and water reuse program in South Florida.

The South Florida Water Management District is a regional governmental agency responsible for water quality, flood control, water supply and environmental restoration in 16 counties, from Orlando to the Florida Keys. It is the oldest and largest of the state’s five water management districts.

Water reuse plays an important role in water resources, wastewater, and ecosystem management in Florida. It reduces demands on valuable surface and ground water, sources used for drinking water. Reclaimed water also reduces discharges to surface waters, recharges ground water, and postpones costly investment for development of new water sources and supplies.

Water reuse involves taking domestic wastewater, giving it a high degree of treatment, and using the resulting high-quality reclaimed water for a new, beneficial purpose. The resulting water is called reclaimed water. Extensive treatment and disinfection ensure that public health and environmental quality are protected.

PACO was responsible for assisting the SFWMD in the design, development, and evaluation of enterprise engineering processes and procedures. The full scope of the enterprise engineering activities included: facilitation of strategic thinking, development of decision solutions and information solutions, development of improved financial strategies and project delivery methodologies, and engagement in business process re-engineering.


01. Business engineering
02. Strategy development
03. Management review