Raleigh Convention Center

New York, NY


Project Value:
$192 M

Start & End Dates:

City of Raleigh

PACO Contact:
Frank Otero

PACO serves as the linchpin that keeps construction projects on track and ensures successful outcomes. Here we showcase projects that are either ongoing, or that have been executed efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

PACO provided cost estimation services for the new 500,000 square- foot Raleigh Convention Center. The Convention Center was built to attract conferences and trade shows while improving the environment for hotels and restaurants.

The spacious, modern facility opened in 2008 and has room to accommodate up to 100,000 people. It features a stunning granite lobby with full floor to-ceiling windows that faces the metropolitan downtown area, a 32,0000 square-foot ballroom for hosting professional events, and facilities to accommodate both local performing arts events as well as sporting events.

The Convention Center is located at the heart of the downtown area, a convenient distance from all the city’s most highly rated hotels and restaurants. Since development was completed, Downtown Raleigh has seen a dramatic increase in hotels, restaurants, and other high-end businesses, attracting significant tourist and business traffic. A four-star Marriott hotel was also to be constructed, with both opening in 2008.  The City of Raleigh and Wake County used interlocal funds for the two projects: $192 million for the new convention center; and $20 million for construction of public-use spaces in the 400 room, $58-million Marriott hotel.


01. Cost Estimating