Riker’s Island Renovations and New ConstructionN

Bronx, NY


Project Value:
$50 M

Start & End Dates:

Karlsberger Architecture – New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

PACO Contact:
Frank Otero

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PACO provided cost estimation services for all phases of the Riker’s Island renovation project, from schematic design to contract documents.

Riker’s Island is an island in New York’s East River, housing a 400-acre complex of historic detention facilities. These facilities operate as a critical short-term detention area for New York City’s correctional system. The majority of the 10,000 inmates in the facility are pretrial defendants held on bail or remanded in custody. The jail was established in 1932, at which time the original 90-acre island was expanded using landfill to its current 415-acre footprint.

This project was part of a long-term effort to modernize the facilities on the island. These modernizations serve to vastly improve the quality of life of the inmates and prison staff, increase the jail’s capacity, and dramatically improve the throughput of processing and transferring inmates. This stage of the renovation involved demolition and replacement of existing kitchens, as well as complete rehabilitation of mechanical, plumbing and electrical facilities throughout the island’s ten jails.


01. Cost Estimating