LA’s $8B MTA Rapid Transit Program- A Case Study

In this Vodcast, Jeff Christiansen, former Deputy Executive Officer, ProgramManagement, Los Angeles County , MTA shares his experience in applying Configuration Management during the design and construction of LA County’s MTARapid Transit Program. This FTA funded program consisted of the construction of numerous heavy and light rail projects with combined budgets of over $8.0 billion. […]

Configuration Management – What Is It?

In this Vodcast (Video Podcast) Frank Otero, PACO’s President & CEO, engages in a captivating conversation with Bill Tucker – Operations Manager, Northeast US and Canada for Bechtel Infrastructure, about the pivotal role Configuration Management plays in project success.

Risk Management Demystified

In this Vodcast (Video Podcast) PACO’s host Fredrick Redd engages in an intriguing discussion with guest Tim McManus, a globally renowned expert in Risk Management.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

PACO Group is helping to establish an all-agency State of Good Repair (SGR) / decision support tool (“SGR tool”) based on off-the-shelf software, capable of assisting the MTA establish investment priorities and outcomes for its Capital Programs. The tool will provide the MTA with strategic options for investment and overall value enhancement under various funding […]

Colombia Ministry of Transport Manizales Connection – INVIAS

The Colombian National Government’s Ministry of Transport is responsible for all plans, programs and projects for transportation, transit and infrastructure, in Columbia, and had recognized that over the past two decades it experienced serious cost overruns and schedule delays and its reputation and credibility were under public scrutiny. In 2014, PACO Group was awarded a […]